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Free Cloth Diaper Samples

If you recently had a little baby come into your life, welcome to the world of parenting! As parents, we wish to provide them the best of everything. For little babies one of the most used and needed things are comfortable diapers.

Free Cloth Diaper Pattern

Getting free cloth diaper samples from branded companies have numerous advantages – you can test them before buying in bulk and check if your baby feels comfortable in those diapers. It also helps to save extra money for your kid, so you can buy other baby stuff. So is it possible to get free cloth diapers? Of course! Here’s what you need to do.

Free Cloth Diaper

I Googled for “Free Cloth Diaper Samples” and made a list of 12 companies producing baby cloth diapers. I sent them emails saying I am a new mom who wants to try out cloth diaper samples for my baby, before purchasing them in bulk. Out of these 12 companies, 5 responded to my emails and 3 of them agreed to send me free cloth diaper samples for my baby. They may or may not ask you to pay shipping fee.

One would ask, why do these brands or companies give out free When you email these brands give away free cloth diaper samples? It’s because they know if the parents and moms like their product, they will buy again and spread the word about their diaper brand. This helps them to expand their consumer base and bring more revenue by gaining extra exposure.

Free Cloth Diaper Trial

You could even try sending emails to local businesses manufacturing cloth diapers. Also, when you email these diaper companies, make sure that you mention the size of your baby diapers, so they can send you free cloth diapers of the correct size. We wish you luck in getting free cloth wipes and diapers. You can share your story with us by sending an email. If we find it interesting, we will publish it on our blog!

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