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Free Diaper Samples By Mail 2012

With an unstable economy and everyday rising baby costs you must have wondered sometimes, is it possible to get Free Diaper Samples by mail? Ofcourse it is! Branded companies like Pampers, Luvs and Huggies give away free diapers and wipes sampes regularly to promote their baby products. These baby products can save you good amount of money everytime you get them.

Free Diaper Samples By Mail 2012

Read on to get free baby samples by mail

Walmart Regularly gives away free diaper samples and wipes by mail with their free samples program. In the past, I’ve got many samples of baby wipes and formula for my 2 year old baby, so I know this works for sure. Alright, now lets discuss how to get it. Go on their website and register for free sample giveaway program for children. Whenever they have any freebie diapers and wipes, they will contact you for the giveaway.

Free Diaper Samples By Mail No Survey

Start sampling is a website that specializes in freebie samples and give away products for baby. They provide test samples from many different brands. All you need to do is be a member there and  earn points by performing different tasks. These points can be redeemed for free baby stuff. They even have diaper coupons which can get you great discounts on baby wipes & diaper bags

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Sign up with baby brands on their official sites. This is another great way to get Free Diaper Samples By Mail. A lot of brands before or while launching their new baby products, give away tester samples to moms and parents so they can capture a greater share of the baby products market.

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Yet another good idea to get free mail samples is to call your baby hospital or doctor. Local hospital and pediatricians can be a great source of such information on free baby samples. My baby’s doctor gave me some great info on special baby clubs where I signed up and received lots of free tester baby product sample.

At last, you can use search engines like google and bing to find out the latest blog posts on “free baby samples by mail 2012″ A lot of mothers like me, regularly blog about baby stuff, freebies, testers and product reviews. This information is really helpful in finding the discounts and offers on kid’s products.