How to Find the Best Formula for Newborns

The best formula for newborns needs to be decided with a conversation between the parents and the baby’s doctor. If you are not able to breastfeed your baby for any reason, then choosing baby formula is the best and most important decision that you can make for your little one. Branded baby formulas that are sold in the market are all approved by the experts as being safe for bottle feeding your baby. A huge variety of baby formulas are available for special needs, that you can choose from. When choosing the best formula for newborns you have to keep in mind a few things. Following are some of them:

Talk to your doctor: Before purchasing best formula for newborns, remember to discuss your choice of using baby formula with your doctor, especially before your baby is born. Make sure to mention all the issues that you, your spouse, or your other kids have had before. Things like certain allergies, etc.

Decide the type of baby formula: Always decide whether you want to purchase the baby formula in powdered type, concentrated, or in a ready-to-feed type. You can choose any of these three forms of baby formula, depending on your budget. Powdered formula is the least expensive one. For both the powdered and the concentrate baby formula, you need to add water to them before using. Ready-to-feed baby formula is the easiest and the most expensive type available.

Find an iron-fortified baby formula: Those babies who are not breastfed often lack iron. Baby formulas that are iron-fortified are totally safe and can prevent anemia. You and your doctor can decide together the best type of baby formula for your baby which provides all the iron and other proteins.

Contact your doctor: Notify your doctor as soon as you notice that your baby has some trouble digesting the current formula. These symptoms can include colic, vomiting, and diarrhea. In order to prevent that, your doctor may suggest you to purchase a very special formula for your baby.