Easy Ways to Get Free Baby Formula Samples


Free baby formula samples are given away by some companies who want their customers to try their formula on their baby. Actually it’s their wish that you will like their products and want to purchase it again the next time you buy baby formula. From tiny little samples to full -sized cans and boxes, below are some of the easiest ways that you can get free baby formula samples.

  • There are many online companies that give away free baby formula samples as well as other baby samples and stuff for free on a regular basis. These companies want you to try their free samples, love them, and go back and purchase their baby products. Websites such as Enfamil and Similac are some of them. It’s a good idea to check out these websites once a week to see if they are offering some free baby formula samples.
  • Another great way to get free baby formula samples is to go directly to the source. Those companies that make baby formula often give away free baby formula samples and coupons to help you get their products for free or for a very cheap price. Companies such as Enfamil, Similac, Gerber, Parent’s Choice, and Member’s Mark often do that. All you need to do is to register with these companies and check your mailbox for free baby coupons and samples.
  • Ask your doctor’s office and local hospital to see if they’ve got free baby formula samples available or know of some places where you can get them. These are also great resources and you can find yourself with big bags full of baby stuff.
  • You can also combine coupons and sales to get free baby formula samples. Check your paper for local coupons of baby formula that have free baby formula samples or baby formula on sale.

Baby Clothing Stores and Websites


Though finding unique clothing for newborn babies can often be a challenge. But luckily, there are so many baby clothing stores and websites online that sell items for babies that are so cute and fun to wear. Whether you are looking for clothing for your little baby, shoes and accessories, or maybe second hand baby clothes, there are plenty of shopping options both online and in person to choose from. Actually little babies don’t care so much about which clothes they wear as long as they stay warm, comfortable, and covered, but still, there are adorable items in baby clothing stores and websites that will have your little baby looking the cutest ever.

There are so many baby clothing stores┬áthat have both retail shops and online websites. These stores often feature basic stuff such as jeans, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, onesies, as well as adorable and stylish pieces that add a very fun and fresh side to your baby’s cute little wardrobe.

Some parents prefer designer clothes for their baby, while others go for some pieces with more reasonable prices. Little babies can also wear the latest trends in fashion just like adults. So many fashion designers include cute fashionable pieces for babies in their collections, every season. While these items are not really cheap, they offer inspiring and fun baby stuff all the times. So if that’s okay with your personal budget, you can go for some baby designers clothes for your little one. Some of these designers fashion for babies include: Janie and Jack, Animal Crackers, and Ralph Lauren.

There are also some baby clothing stores that have more retro clothes for babies. These stores feature baby clothing with some funny sayings and onesies with cartoon characters like Felix or Popeye. They also carry organic baby clothing, for those parents who prefer organic fabrics for their babies.