Newborn Baby Clothes

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Although newborn babies don’t wear newborn sizes for a long time, but they do need a few clothing pieces to keep them dressed during those first few weeks. You can start with your baby’s layette so that you’re sure you have the basics, and then you can add the rest of your baby clothes and other pieces. The good thing is that there are so many baby clothing shops, both online and offline, that sell wide variety of newborn baby clothes, so you can make sure that you will be able to find the best baby clothes which fit both your taste and your budget. But remember to keep your budget in mind since newborn babies always come with much more expenses than you’ve ever expected.

Newborn baby clothes can be a bit hard to choose, but with knowing some basic tips you will be able to make your shopping much easier, and more fun. Below are a few of them:

  • While shopping for baby clothes, you have to make sure about how the baby clothing is made. Of course every mom wants adorable clothes for her baby, but actually comfort should be the number one. Don’t buy clothing that are very tight or not made of natural fabrics.
  • Pay attention to the details of any newborn baby clothes. Like how it opens, and fastens. Because you’ll be changing lots of diapers, so baby clothes with buttons would be much easier.
  • When shopping for baby socks or shoes, always look for comfort in these pieces. When you buy newborn baby socks, consider those pairs that fit perfectly without harming your baby’s tiny little legs.
  • Don’t buy many newborn sized items of clothing for your baby, unless you know that your baby will be born early or you have an experience of having small babies. Since many newborns outgrow their clothing very fast, you may notice that your baby doesn’t even wear all those clothing pieces.

How to Get Free Newborn Baby Items


Whether you are a new mom or you are expecting a baby soon, you probably know the cost of most of the baby items you will be going to need for your little one. However, most of the moms already know that there are so many resources which you can get free newborn baby items from. Here are some of the best ways you can try for getting baby things at no cost.

Free Baby Clothing: From baby car seats to pyjamas, to onesies, and tiny little socks, every baby needs a lot of clothing and stuff. You can always find some great deals on baby clothing at thrift stores like Goodwill. You can join some networks, like Freecycle Network to get free, but used baby items in the area that you are living. Maybe you have to travel a little to take the items, but still, you can save a lot. Or you can search on Craigslist for free newborn baby items. Though this one’s more like a classified ad site, but there are so many people who are willing to trade or give away baby clothing that they no longer use.

Free Baby Diapers: During the first few weeks and months at home, you’re going to need lots of baby diapers for your little one, something like a dozen diapers each day. That means a huge amount of money that you have to spend only for baby diapers. Though there are several sources which you can get free baby diapers, or some at a very low price. You can sign up for the major diaper companies to receive free baby diaper samples in through mail. Like you can submit your name and personal information to Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. You can also ask your doctor or the hospital. Clinics and hospitals often get free baby diapers from manufacturers, and they will be glad to pass those free samples to the moms.